2014 Cheerleading Competition

Faulkner State offers FULL athletic scholarships for cheerleading!

This includes your 100% of tuition, books and fees. All athletes are expected to live in Sun Chief Hall, the newest residence hall on the Bay Minette campus.  Even better, all of you cheerleading expenses are covered by the program! This includes camp clothes, fees, choreography, competition fees, uniforms, etc! See below for information on the team, tryouts and stunt clinic opportunities! Check back often for updates and be sure to “friend”  Faulkner State Cheerleading on Facebook for the most current information.

Faulkner State Cheerleading Team Information

At FSC our cheerleaders truly define the term student-athlete. Members of the coed/all girl team are highly visible throughout the year and can be seen at athletic events, campus programs and in the community. Cheerleaders are expected to perform well on campus, in the classroom and on the floor.

As a competitive program, the team has a history of excellence in regional and national competitions. Faulkner State won the Cheer LTD Large Coed National Championship in 2012, The Cheer LTD Small Coed  National Championships in 2009 and 2010 and the NCA All-girl National Championship in 1989 and 1991. Many FSC graduates continue to cheer at colleges and universities all over the country including: The University of Alabama, Columbus State University, LSU, UAB, Hawaii Pacific University, Texas A&M and MSU.

Faulkner State Cheerleading Tryout Information

Tryout Eligibility

Any prospective or full time student at FSC may tryout. This includes incoming freshmen and transfer students. Current FSC students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be free of any academic or disciplinary probation.

How to Prepare
First and foremost, get your application in to the admission office as soon as possible to insure that you are accepted to attend school here. You will then want to be sure that you are in top physical condition. Our cheerleading team members are nationally competitive athletes who lift weights and run, in addition to regular practices.

Physical Preparation Tips for Tryouts

We are a coed/all-girl combination team which means we will have spots available for males, flyers, and female bases. Because this technique is new to most high school cheerleaders, we recommend you attending as many college prep stunts clinics as you can to prepare yourself for coed partner stunting and 2-man basing.

Skill Requirements
Each prospective cheerleader will be evaluated on the following:

How are cheerleaders evaluated?
The team is selected by the coaching staff at FSC. Cuts are made after each session until the final day when the team is named.

What do I need to wear?
Our school colors are crimson and white. You may wear t-shirts, sports tops, tights, shorts, etc. as long as it is solid in color .  Men usually wear practice shorts and a t-shirt and women usually wear practice shorts and a t-shirt or sports tops, and of course, cheer shoes. It may be helpful to note that we are looking for cheerleaders who have a traditional collegiate cheerleader appearance, meaning clean cut, neatly groomed hair, nails and appearance. Attire should not be revealing and shorts should NOT be rolled down on the hips. Also, no visible jewelry or tattoos of any kind is permitted while representing the college.

What do I need to bring the first day of tryouts?
Bring a completed application and a great attitude!

Can I tryout by sending a video tape?
Yes. You are able to submit a video tryout if you have already visited the campus and/or been approved to do so by the coach.

Where to find necessary forms and information:

Let Coach know you’re interested by filling out this Prospective Sun Chief form!