Faulkner State Community College is a licensed WorkKeys® Service Provider.

Please find listed below the dates, time and site the ACT Work Keys test will be given.  This testing is administered to those who need or wish to become highly qualified for aide positions.  The scheduled dates will also be for those who need to retake any portion of the test.

WorkKeys® Examinee Login Links

If you are testing in Bay Minette, click here.
If you are testing in Fairhope, click here.
If you are testing in Gulf Shores, click here.

In cooperation with the Governor’s Office and the Office of Workforce Development, Faulkner State is helping implement the Alabama Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) program. Alabama’s Career Readiness Certificate serves as a common language between employers, job seekers and educators. It is a portable skills credential, assuring employers that a job applicant has the basic skills they seek.

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a credential based on ACT’s WorkKeys® assessment that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills. WorkKeys® is an assessment tool that defines, measures and certifies that individuals have the skills and abilities they need to succeed in entry-level work in the 21st century workplace. These skills are for any occupation – skilled or professional – and at any level of education.

WorkKeys Testing for Paraprofessionals

Faulkner State Community College will be offering WorkKeys testing for paraprofessionals on Monday, Dec. 15 in room C-100 at the Bay Minette Campus.  The test time has changed for this test as follows – please be here at 5:00 p.m. to start registering for the test. The test will begin at 5:30 p.m.  To pre-register for the test please contact Beverly Gulley at 580-2179.  The total cost of the testing is $45.

WorkKeys Testing for Potential Teacher Assistants

Faulkner State Community College offers WorkKeys testing for individuals seeking work as Teacher Assistants in the Baldwin County Public School System.  The Teacher Assistant WorkKeys battery of tests includes Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Business Writing.

In addition, examinees who wish to earn an Alabama Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) have the option to take the Locating for Information assessment during the Teacher Assistant WorkKeys assessment administration.  Those who submit a CRC WorkKeys Voucher at the time of testing will be take the Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information tests free of charge.  Interested persons should contact the Foley One-Stop Career Center (943-2327 ) or the Bay Minette One-Stop Career Center (251-937-4244) to get more information about the CRC WorkKeys Voucher.


Individual WorkKeys tests for Teacher Assistants:

Total Price = $45.00

Additional WorkKeys test for Teacher Assistants (OPTIONAL):

DISCOUNT price with CRC Voucher = $20.00 (includes all Teacher Asst. tests + Locating Information)

For more information about WorkKeys® testing at Faulkner State Community College, contact Mandy Bezeredi at

WIN Career Readiness Courseware

WIN Career Readiness Courseware is the complete interactive training system for career readiness skills, based on ACT’s WorkKeys® assessment system and the National Career Readiness Certificate.  Examinees are encouraged to take advantage of this free training software prior to taking the WorkKeys® exam.
How do I access and login to WIN?
WIN can be accessed at Please contact Mandy Bezeredi at to receive a PIN number.
How do use the WIN software?
Once you go to, enter your first name, last name, and PIN number you are assigned by Mrs. Bezeredi.  You will see sections for Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Business Writing.  A pre-test has been assigned to you for each subject.  To take a pre-test, click one of these subjects.  Next, click “Test” to begin the pre-test.  Once you have completed the pre-test, you will see your Status screen.  WIN will automatically assign you lessons based on your score.  To begin remedial lessons designed to improve your chances of success on the WorkKeys® exam, click the number with the green dot to begin your lesson.  You will need to complete pre-tests and assigned lessons for Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Business Writing.  At the end of each lesson within a level, you will be required to take the final quiz in that level.  You must score at least 80% on the final quiz for that level in order to move on to the lessons for the next level.  Continue to work through your assigned lessons until you have reached mastery at the highest possible level.
For more information, contact Mandy Bezeredi at 251-580-2169 or