A Tincher Pitching clinic is coming to Alabama! Rollins College (FL) pitching coach, and Certified Pro-Staff Instructor, Steve Frew will conduct a Tincher Pitching clinic on October 16th and 17th at the campus of Faulkner State.  The style of pitching helps many of the nation’s top pitchers to discover ways to perform more smoothly, lengthen the stride, engage legs more fully, and enjoy safe and healthy pitching mechanics. Your pitchers are invited to have Steve assess their form, work on speed and movement, and find healthy ways to pitch.  If your pitcher feels like she has the potential to get more from her body, struggles with breaking pitches, or just has not improved dramatically in the last few years, this may be just what she needs to get past that plateau. See what people are saying about Tincher Pitching at www.TincherPitching.com.

Where:   Faulkner State Softball Field

When:                    Friday, October 16 (4-7pm)

Saturday, October 17 (4-7pm)

Cost:                       $125/pitcher/session

$200/pitcher/both sessions

Space is limited!

For more information or to register, please contact Steve Frew:

Email: sfrew@rollins.edu

Cell: 407.913.8277

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Mallory Radwitch, Head Coach