Faulkner State Community College, a public two-year institution located in Baldwin County in southwest Alabama, has three campuses located in Bay Minette, Gulf Shores, and Fairhope.  The Bay Minette campus is the administrative campus.  The College, which was one of the 13 original two-year colleges created by an act of the Alabama Legislature in 1963, is under the authority of the State Board of Education.  Faulkner State is a member of the Alabama Community College System that consists of twenty-one comprehensive community colleges, four technical colleges, and one military institution; Athens State University, and; extensive workforce development initiatives, including the Alabama Industrial Development Training Institute and the Alabama Technology Network.

Faulkner State has undergone several transitions and name changes in its lifetime.  For the first few months of operation, it was called Bay Minette State Junior College, but in early 1966, the State Board of Education named the College William Lowndes Yancey State Junior College in honor of a pre-Civil War statesman and educator.  In 1970, the name changed to James H. Faulkner State Junior College to honor Mr. James H. Faulkner, a prominent citizen of Baldwin County.  The College name was changed again by the State Board of Education in August 1992, to Faulkner State Community College to more accurately reflect its mission and purpose.

The College has grown from an initial enrollment of 401 students and one campus in 1965, to a current combined enrollment of more than 5,000 students on all three campuses.   Faulkner State began offering courses at the Fairhope site in 1970, and in 1975, the College added a permanent staff, student services, and expanded offerings of programs and services to the community.  The Fairhope Campus has been housed both at the Fairhope High School and at the old Fairhope Library building.  In 1987, the present Fairhope site was acquired.  Originally the home of the Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education, the Fairhope site was entered in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior on July 1, 1988.   In 1985, the College opened a site in Foley and moved to the present Gulf Shores Campus location in Fall 1993.

Faulkner State Community College was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1970, reaccredited in 1975, 1985, 1995, and again in 2005.


Faulkner State Community College is a public two-year institution and a member of the Alabama Community College System. The College strives to provide an educational environment that promotes development and learning through a wide variety of educational programs and instructional strategies, including distance education and workforce development opportunities; adequate and comfortable facilities; a caring and well- qualified staff; flexible scheduling; and convenient locations. This effort is based upon the economic and social needs of the College service area.


In order to fulfill its mission, Faulkner State Community College seeks to:

provide comprehensive postsecondary instructional program offerings that include:
  • university parallel programs that transfer to senior colleges or universities,
  • general education programs designed to broaden academic and cultural backgrounds,
  • occupational-technical programs designed to develop marketable skills and support economic development,  and;
  • developmental courses designed to improve basic skills in English, mathematics, and reading;

provide traditional and non-traditional venues of instruction, including distance educational opportunities, social media, and other emerging and innovative methods of instruction;

provide student support services and academic support services designed to assist students in setting and/or attaining their educational and career goals;

provide student activities, including intercollegiate and intramural athletic programs, designed to assist students in reaching their maximum potential and to encourage their social development;

provide quality instruction by employing qualified personnel and encouraging professional development;

provide operational support services designed to enhance the College’s growth;

provide adequate physical facilities to house all College activities and to allow for future expansion and growth;

provide community programs for cultural growth, adult education, literacy instruction and continuing education, and to share College facilities with citizens of the community for educational and/or recreational purposes;

promote a positive College image through use of the media, cooperation with external service and government agencies, and employee participation in the service area community;

evaluate, update, and revise on a continuing basis the institutional purpose and objectives through comprehensive institutional planning, management, and evaluation of all aspects of the College operations;
  • Identify outcomes, assess the extent to which the outcomes are achieved, and provide evidence based on analysis of results; and,
  • Comply with federal and state regulations on nondiscrimination, equal opportunity employment, and affirmative action, making efforts to recruit qualified minority personnel at every level of the College organization.


Faulkner State Community College provides equal educational opportunities and is open and accessible to all qualified students without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, or disability with respect to all of its programs, activities or employment.