Accelerated High School Students

Take a “step ahead” to advance your college career while still in high school! (This program is available to qualified high school students who are enrolled in private schools, home schools, and public schools.) At Faulkner State Community College you can take that step by enrolling in our Accelerated High School Student Program. This program allows you to receive college credit for courses taken at any of the three Faulkner State campuses (Bay Minette, Fairhope, or Gulf Shores) while you are still in high school. For those highly motivated and disciplined students, you have the option of taking on-line classes also.  Academic courses are transferable to other colleges or universities. Eligible high school students can take any college course for which they meet the prerequisites. For example, students who want to take Pre-Calculus (MTH112) must have taken Algebra II in high school with a minimum grade of a “C” plus have a minimum 18 composite score on the ACT.  Many high school students have already enrolled and found the program beneficial to getting a head start on college

Accelerated High School Student Application Packet

Accelerated High School Student Policy

Faulkner State Community College provides college credit opportunities to eligible high school students through the State Board of Education’s Early Admission for Accelerated High School Students program. The program is open to high school students as specified in State Board of Education Policy 801.02.


The eligibility guidelines listed below are subject to State Board of Education policy changes. All four eligibility criteria must be met.
  • Completed tenth grade
  • Minimum cumulative  Grade Point Average of 3.0
  • Completed Accelerated Program packet
  • Provide an up-to-date transcript

The student may enroll only in college courses for which high school prerequisites have been completed.

College credit earned through the Accelerated High School program may not substitute for high school credit.

Steps for Enrollment

  • Turn in the completed Accelerated packet in to the Admissions Office.
  • Once your paperwork is processed, register for courses.
  • Pay for courses and books at any of the three Faulkner State campuses.

Students must submit an up-dated Approval Form and transcript to the Office of Admissions for each semester they wish to participate in the Accelerated Program.


Faulkner State has Alabama’s lowest tuition.

The most up-to-date tuition and fee table can be found in the current course schedule.

Please contact the Faulkner State Business Office at 251-580-2217 for further information.

If students wish to pay for Accelerated Program tuition and fees with Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT), it is their responsibility to get in touch with PACT and with the Faulkner State Financial Aid Office.

Faulkner State’s low tuition will not only help you get a “Step Ahead” academically, but will also save you thousands of dollars on your college education.


Faulkner State offers classes in three convenient locations: Bay Minette, Fairhope and Gulf Shores.

Transferring Credits

Please refer to the Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System (STARS) web link found on the Faulkner State Community College web site to get information regarding the Alabama state law that guarantees transferability of all academic credits for two-year college students.

In order to have college credits transferred to another college, students must do both of the following:
  • Send high school transcript, including graduation date, to Faulkner State.
  • Fill out and submit a Faulkner transcript release form.

Accelerated Contacts

Faulkner State Community College

Dr. Carmelita Mikkelsen, Director of High School Relations

Joe Beaty, Recruiter

Michael G. Nikolakis, Dean of Student Services

*The terms and conditions of the Accelerated Program are subject to change without notice according to secondary and post secondary requirements.