Violations and Fines

All traffic fines are paid online at this link.  All fines are doubled if not paid within three (30) school days from the date shown on the ticket.  The following schedule of penalties will be applied to violators of these parking regulations.

$25 Fines:

  • No Decal 
  • Unauthorized parking in visitor areas
  • Decal improperly displayed 
  • Improper parking
  • No parking zone 
  • Stop Sign violation
  • Unauthorized parking in President/Dean parking areas 
  • Smoking violation
  • Unauthorized parking in Faculty and Staff parking areas
  • Excessive noise from vehicle (city and campus noise violation)

Fines for other violations:

•  Reckless driving and/or speeding – $25.00 minimum

•  Unauthorized parking in handicap areas – $100.00

Vehicles violating parking regulations may be wheel locked or towed away.  Wheel locking fee is $50.00 plus cost of fine.  Towing cost will be assessed by wrecker service.

To contact Campus Police, call 251-580-2222.